Join us for a free discussion about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and to make our communities more accessible for all Chicagoans — specifically how to address needs specific to people of color and immigrants with disabilities.

Panelists Jae Jin Pak, Mike Ervin, Michelle Garcia, and Noah Ohashi will lead our discussion. Afterward attendees will have time to ask questoins of our panelists, and we'll also split into groups and discuss actionable ways we can make our communities more inclusive and accessible.

The presenting groups are:

  • Chicago ADAPT

  • Chicagoland Disabled People of Color Coalition

  • Cambiando Vidas

Please register for the free event through this link. We'll send a Zoom link to each attendee on the day of the event. We'll provide ASL interpretation and Spanish translation via Zoom.

If you find this discussion valuable and are in a position to help financially support more of these events, we humbly request a donation made to any or all of our presenting organizations.

This is the first of what we hope will be many discussions that will help us discover actionable ways to make Chicago more accessible and inclusive to all of its residents.



CHICAGO ADAPT 2021 mission statement


Chicago ADAPT is a disability rights organization that uses a social justice framework because disability rights are human rights. We fight for: 1) the equity, access, participation, and rights for people with disabilities, 2) the end of the institutional bias against Our people, and 3) the combination of interdependence and self-determination for Our people that is only possible when we are fully integrated into society.


This chapter is a collective of members with diverse backgrounds. We want individuals to feel empowered, and to embrace and be proud of their identities. 


We welcome everyone who shares Our mission, regardless of their identities, immigration status, or what other communities they participate in. However, Chicago ADAPT will not tolerate discrimination or bullying, including hate speech: words that come from ableism, racism, homophobia, ageism, xenophobia, audism, biphobia, and transphobia. We also prohibit intentionally using pronouns that individuals do not identify with, dead-naming (referring to someone by a name with which they no longer identify), or any type of hate speech/terms against the disability community, LGBTQIAs community, and immigrants/undocumented community



  1. Our members understand that accommodating accessibility needs, including communication needs, is critical so that we can all participate in Our conversation.

  2. Our members understand that systematic privilege born from any kind of hierarchical injustice, bias, lateral ableism are harmful both within and outside of our community. We embrace the fact that the voices of all people, regardless of type, can raise our common demands for equality and justice.

  3. Our members understand that “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” as Martin Luther King, Jr. said.  This means that we should understand the intersection of disability and other identities and work for social justice.